Footwell module 3 repair

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"Lights! Stop carefully"

Unfortunately, this is often the case and the mishap is great, in the worst case the windows are down and cannot be closed.

With some models from the BMW and Mini series, a control unit, the footwell module (FRM for short) or the light module may be defective. After this defect, the control unit no longer reacts, especially with the FRM3.
The low beam and, if applicable, the interior lighting are then permanently on. The window lifters, mirrors and indicators can no longer be operated and the low beam remains on in all light positions.

A diagnosis is also no longer possible afterwards.

The following errors when reading out are not atypical:

- 0xA3B4 - CAN_ID_21A_ERROR_Ausfall_Botschaft_Lampenzustand

The footwell module is responsible for light, locking and mirror functions, among other things.

Are you affected, can it happen to you too?

An FRM2 or 3 is installed in these models:

1 and 3 series models from 2007 - E81, E82, E87, E88 / E90, E91, E92, E93
X1 models - E84
X5 and X6 models - E70, E71
Z4 models - E89
Mini models - R55, R56, R57, R58, R58

Basically you are not protected from this, with newer software versions the problem has already been resolved. The error usually occurs when the battery is disconnected, the vehicle is read out, or coding / programming attempts are made

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