Footwell module 1/2/3 short circuit reset

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✅ Professional repair of your FRM, processing and shipping within 24 hours, 12 months warranty. ✅

- Caution: If the error is "Lights! Stop carefully." please note my other ad, then it is none Short circuit! If the repair is still bought via this advertisement and it is not a short circuit, but a defect in the memory chip, we will then charge an additional 30 euros -

After changing a defective lamp, nothing lights up?

If everything else works, only this one light does not light up (even after a lamp change), this is usually a short circuit fault that has exceeded the limit of 50 short circuits and blocks the respective output for the lamp. No new FRM is required here.

If you want to send the footwell module now, please send it to the following address (IMPORTANT: Absolutely with chassis number):
❌ At BMW, replacing the module can cost up to 1200 euros.

▶ You can send me the FRM for a repair or you can come by car.
▶ Nothing is soldered, the repair is carried out without any residue. the footwell module has the latest software version.
▶ The footwell module is located in the driver's footwell on the left (not on the right next to the glove compartment), under the panel by the bonnet opener.

▶▶ Procedure:

✅ Complete the purchase.
✅ The package safe and insured with Chassis number (can also be sent here) via DHL
✅ Very fast processing and shipping within 24 hours.
✅ Plug and Play without subsequent coding (ONLY with Chassis number)

❓Questions❓ Unsure whether you are affected? Then write me a short message